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Pain Management Specialist Perth

Pain Management Specialist PerthGood News and Bad News for Chronic Pain Sufferers

First the bad news. It is well recognised that some 80% of chronic pain patients get no or insufficient relief from their chronic pain treatment. When you read the article below you’ll see exactly why this is happening.

However there is good news also, because a new approach to treating non-malignant chronic pain is getting outstanding results, and you can read about that below also.

Pain Management Specialist Perth

New Chronic Pain Clinic Opens in Joondalup


The Resolve Pain Clinic, based in Joondalup, Western Australia, has announced that a second pilot study and recent in-clinic testing suggests a new, inexpensive neurological treatment method can actually switch off chronic pain signalling, often in just minutes. This new chronic pain strategy has been found to be useful for a broad range of chronic pain types, from back and neck pain to arthritis pain, and even fibromyalgia.


Radical New Weight Loss Program Launches Globally

New Weight Loss Approach Set to Finally Achieve Effortless Weight Loss, and Permanently Combat Obesity

bg86A new weight loss program has arrived on the market that signals the demise of every other program, because finally we have one that actually works without effort, and where people find it difficult if not impossible to revert to old behaviour.

The really exciting thing is that anyone can try it for free, without handing over credit card details so you know there’ll be no nasty surprises on your bank statement.

WeightChoice – How Does it Work?

Well first up it’s not a diet, doesn’t include supplements, shakes, meal replacements, or any other gimmicks. Neither does it need anyone to embark on some gut-churning exercise program.

To understand very quickly and easily how it works, it’s necessary to first realise why every other diet program fails for nearly 98% of people.

The reason for the failure is that these programs expect people to make changes that are directly opposed to how they’d deep-down prefer to be eating. Also, they expect people to make these impossible changes using willpower or silly old CBT or mindfulness. It’s a load of bunk, and with hindsight it’s very obvious why these programs are doomed from the get go.

In contrast, WeightChoice understands that eating behaviour is driven by unconscious conditioned responses, and these are different for everyone. They first identify your specific conditioned responses around non-hungry eating, and then use almost-unknown new psychological techniques to literally wipe them out, permanently.

Here’s an example of how that can happen in just a few fun minutes.

World-wide Giveaway Requires No Credit Card!

Anyone can get a detailed “how to” video, along with notes, just by going to There’s even an opportunity to win the entire program just by sharing as many times as you like.

9 Crazy Weight-Loss Scams People Fell For This Year

The Federal Trade Commission is preparing for a New Year’s spike in weight-loss scams. This year’s highlights included a cream inspired by lobster hormones, and a magical pill that claimed to strip the calories from a plate of spaghetti.

Lobster-inspired slimming creams. A magical powder you can sprinkle on food to help curb your appetite. A supplement that’ll get you “high school skinny.”

How do you prevent being scammed? Easy, try it first, without paying, and without handing over your credit card! Check our for the real deal!


As Americans resolve to lose weight and diet this year, scammers are at the ready to collect what amounts to hundreds of millions each year in products that swear to trim inches and cut pounds, usually without any exercise. The Federal Trade Commission is preparing for the annual spike in weight-loss product fraud that tends to occur this time of year, as consumers search for a “magic bullet,” said Richard Cleland, assistant director for the FTC’s division of advertising practices.

“In terms of advertising issues, weight loss fraud is one of the top priorities for the Federal Trade Commission,” Cleland said in an interview with BuzzFeed News. “It’s very lucrative for scammers…you’ve got an audience that is susceptible to being scammed and a fairly sophisticated group of marketers that are very adept of taking advantage of them.”

In the FTC’s most recent consumer fraud survey, back in 2011, more consumers fell prey to fraudulent weight-loss products than any other fraud; an estimated 2.15% of consumers, or 5.1 million American adults, bought and used such goods that year. Despite that, companies typically can’t pay the full fines demanded by the FTC as they’ve run out of money at that point. A tally by BuzzFeed News found that those accused of making fraudulent weight-loss claims paid less than $100 million in consumer refunds and penalties this year.

“Even in the best cases, it doesn’t compare to the amount of money that consumers actually lose on the products,” Cleland said. “The companies have generally spent the money either on advertising or laundered the money to their own bank accounts or something, so there’s usually very little money left over for consumers. That suggests that consumer education is probably a more effective tool at protecting consumers than law enforcement.”

Cleland notes that consumers should remember “there is no miracle out there.” Below, nine scams that the FTC ruled on this year.

Scam Number 1. A powder to sprinkle on food that “enhances” its smell and taste, ultimately making consumers eat less and lose weight without dieting

Sensa represents one of the bigger weight-loss product scams in recent history, with U.S. sales of more than $364 million between 2008 and 2012, according to the FTC. Sensa Products LLC allegedly claimed sprinkling Sensa on meals would make “users feel full faster, so they eat less and lose weight without dieting, and without changing their exercise regime.” It promised the loss of 30 pounds.

Sensa Products, parent company Sensa Inc., Sensa Inc.’s former CEO Adam Goldenberg and Sensa creator and endorser Dr. Alan Hirsch were ordered to pay $26.5 million as part of a $46.5 million judgment. Sensa powder, which came in 12 flavors, was sold at chains including Costco and GNC, touted in a promotional book by Hirsch, and was advertised on the Home Shopping Network, on the radio and in magazines, the FTC said.

A one-month supply typically cost $59 plus shipping and handling. Hirsch allegedly gave “expert endorsements that were not supported by scientific evidence” while some consumers were paid $1,000 or $5,000 and given trips to Los Angeles for endorsing Sensa, the FTC said.

2. Homeopathic drops made from HCG, a hormone produced by the human placenta

The slimy Dr Oz touted this one and it’s a load of rubbish.

Marketers who pitched “homeopathic HCG drops as a quick and easy way to lose substantial weight” were ordered to pay $1 million in December, and asked to stop selling HCG Platinum drops, the FTC said on Dec. 11. The products were sold online, at GNC, Rite Aid, and Walgreens and claimed users would likely lose as much as 50 pounds; a 30-day supply typically retailed for anywhere from $60 to $149.

Human chorionic gonadotropin has been fraudulently pitched for decades as a weight loss ingredient, the agency said. The FTC imposed a $3.2 million judgment on a separate group of marketers in January who were selling HCG Diet Direct Drops, though they were unable to pay. In that case, HCG Diet Direct and director Clint Ethington allegedly told customers to place the solution under their tongues before meals and stick to an extremely low-calorie diet to “lose 7 pounds in 7 days.”

3. Caffeine-infused underwear that promises to destroy fat cells

Wacoal / Via

Norm Thompson Outfitters and Wacoal America got in trouble with the FTC earlier this year for claiming their shapewear would help consumers shed cellulite and pounds. Norm Thompson Outfitters, which was ordered to pay $230,000, said their undergarments were “infused with micro-encapsulated caffeine, retinol and other ingredients” that would “slim and reshape the wearer’s body and reduce cellulite.” The garments were made with Lytess fabric, as per the complaint. Lytess bike shorts online claim to contain microcapsules created with a patented caffeine-based formula that will “mobilize fats” and moisturize skin. It promises that upon wearing the $55 shorts: “You will feel better.”

Wacoal, ordered to pay $1.3 million, allegedly made “false and unsubstantiated claims that wearing iPants would: substantially reduce cellulite; cause a substantial reduction in the wearer’s thigh measurements; and destroy fat cells, resulting in substantial slimming,” the FTC said. The garments cost $44 to $85. The Wacoal brand is carried at retailers including Macy’s, Saks, Bloomingale’s and Lord & Taylor.

4. “Lobster-inspired” slimming cream

DermaDoctor / Via

DERMAdoctor claimed its Shrinking Beauty cream, which cost $58 for a 5.5-ounce tube, would “improve the appearance of cellulite, smooth and tighten skin” and was “clinically proven to reduce measurements up to one inch in two weeks,’” the FTC said in a Dec. 23 release. The formula “simulates a lobster’s ability to shrink its body,” the company said in a June 2013 Health magazine ad.

DERMAdoctor allegedly wrote on its website: “Learn from the lobster. This sea creature knows exactly how to shrink a size effortlessly without going on a diet. Our slimming and toning formula mirrors the ecdysteroid hormone lobsters produce to get skinny and wiggle free of their shells. Shrinking Beauty borrows from exotic botanical sources to mimic this oceanic wonder. A macronutrient complex further provides a proper ratio of protein, carbs and lipids for healthy, cellulite-free skin.”

As of Dec. 29, the cream’s product description noted it’s “not intended for weight loss.”

5. L’Occitane “Almond Beautiful Shape” cream, which promised to trim 1.3 inches from users’ thighs in four weeks

FTC / Via

L’Occitane was required to pay $450,000 after suggesting its “Almond Beautiful Shape” cream was scientifically proven to trim 1.3 inches from a user’s thighs in four weeks while significantly reducing cellulite, according to the FTC. The company also indicated that scientific tests proved its “Almond Shaping Delight” cream “significantly slims the body in just four weeks.”

The fee was intended for consumer redress. The company was prohibited from “making future false and deceptive weight-loss claims,” the FTC said.

6. “Double Shot” pills, in which blue capsules burn fat and red ones block calories

FTC / Via

While this direct mail advertising campaign took place between 2012 and October 2013, Manon Fernet and her Quebec-based company agreed to pay $500,000 to settle FTC charges this year over their Double Shot pills. The marketers did business as the “Freedom Center Against Obesity,” supposedly in California, though the actual address was their fulfillment house. One supply of pills “to lose up to 30 pounds” cost $79; the bottles “contained blue capsules that supposedly burned fat, and red ones that supposedly blocked calories,” the FTC said. The marketers allegedly “claimed that the effectiveness of Double Shot as a weight-loss treatment had been proven by clinical studies.”

In one ad, the marketers said the pills would enable a user to absorb just 72 calories from a 720-calorie plate of spaghetti. Consumers were tricked into believing Double Shot “would cause rapid, substantial, and permanent weight loss, without diet or exercise,” the FTC said.

7. Green coffee extract that can eliminate 10% of your body weight — a claim that got a boost from The Dr. Oz Show

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press / MCT

Applied Food Sciences allegedly used a study “so hopelessly flawed that no reliable conclusions could be drawn from it,” to show that green coffee extract causes “substantial weight and fat loss,” the FTC said in September. AFS claimed Green Coffee Antioxidant “caused consumers to lose 17.7 pounds, 10.5% of body weight, and 16% of body fat with or without diet and exercise, in 22 weeks,” based on the flawed study. The study’s lead investigator allegedly altered weights and other key measurements of subjects, changed the trial length and misstated which subjects were taking the antioxidant or a placebo during the trial.

AFS didn’t play a part in getting the study on The Dr. Oz Show but issued a release highlighting the show for extra publicity afterwards, as per the FTC. The company was ordered to pay $3.5 million and “to have scientific substantiation for any future weight-loss claims it makes.”

8. “Get High School Skinny” Healthe Trim supplements

FTC complaint / Via

Healthe Trim supplements, sold online and at CVS, GNC and Walgreens, claimed they could help customers lose up to 165 pounds with the tagline: “Get high school skinny.” A month’s supply cost up to $65.

Dwyer and HealthyLife Sciences “made false and unsubstantiated claims that Healthe Trim supplements would cause rapid and substantial weight loss” and “relied heavily on consumer testimonials that portrayed losing weight as easy,” the FTC wrote in an Oct. 24 release. The firm claimed the supplements would “burn fat, increase metabolism, and suppress appetite.”

John Matthew Dwyer III, the CEO and co-founder behind Healthe Trim, was banned from the weight-loss industry. The company, HealthyLife Sciences LLC is banned from making seven “scientifically infeasible” weight-loss claims.

9. Ads that claimed using the “ab GLIDER” for three minutes a day “would lead to lost pounds, inches or clothing sizes.”

ICON/ab Glider / Via

ICON Health & Fitness ads claimed using ab GLIDER alone, or for three minutes a day, would cut pounds, inches or clothing sizes.

This violated a 1997 order against ICON that prohibited it from making “unsubstantiated claims for weight-loss exercise equipment,” while also requiring an endorser’s claim “reflect a typical user’s experience or be accompanied by a clear and prominent disclosure.” Given it wasn’t clear the results were solely from the ab GLIDER, the firm agreed to pay $3 million in civil penalties to settle FTC charges.


These 6 Lifestyle Choices Aren’t As Bad For You As You Once Thought

If you search the internet looking for the truth about healthy dos and don’ts, you’ll find some rather conflicting reports.

The news is always flooded with the latest university study announcing the next healthy habit to pursue or avoid.

As science develops, we have come to discover that many of the habits we once thought were horrible for our health, can actually be quite beneficial. From me to you, here’s a sampling of six lifestyle habits that aren’t so bad for you after all.

1. Exercising while tired


After a long day at the office, the last thing on your mind is changing into your favorite workout clothes and hitting the gym. However, according to a study published by Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, a simple 30-minute workout while feeling fatigued can actually have the reverse effect. It can quickly reduce your tiredness, improve mood, and reduce stress and anxiety.

2. Late-night eating


I’ve been known to work some odd hours of the day, and inevitably, I may not eat dinner until closer to 9 or 10 p.m. I always think that I shouldn’t eat so late…but thanks to two researchers, I can finally ignore those silly thoughts. Apparently, ignoring late-night cravings can actually cause restless sleep. Eating at odd hours of the night won’t actually cause you to gain weight, as long as you stay within your allotted calorie range for the day.

3. Not showering regularly


According to New York-based Dermatologist, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, many Americans bathe every day because it has become the societal norm. We’re actually a lot cleaner than we think!

But by showering less frequently, you’ll allow the “good” bacteria time to grow. This bacteria helps fight off infection and dangerous chemicals that would otherwise soak directly through our skin into our blood streams. Over-showering can also dry out your skin and leave your hair feeling flat and dull.

4. Drinking tequila


Who knew that tequila could actually aid in weight loss? That’s right, according to the British Journal of Nutritiona regulated amount of tequila can help stimulate your metabolism. The secret is the agavins (or sugars) found in tequila. With their simpler molecular structure, these sugars go almost undetected in the bloodstream.

Taking a shot of tequila right after a meal can also aid in food digestion. It is also considered to be both a prebiotic and probiotic, can fight off osteoporosis, prevent Type 2 diabetes, and lower your chances of developing dementia.

5. Not brushing your teeth after eating


Howard R. Gamble, former president of the Academy of General Dentistry has said that in addition to brushing daily, it’s important to brush your teeth at the right times. Brushing immediately after eating can actually cause the acid from certain foods to speed up the damage done to your enamel. Instead, try waiting 30 minutes to an hour before brushing those pearly whites.

6. Drinking non-diet soda


Diet Pepsi has the word ‘diet’ in the name, so it must be healthy, right? Wrong!

Research conducted at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health revealed that adults who drank diet soda consumed more food calories throughout the day than those who drank regular soda.

In other words, the same people who drink diet soda are very likely to have poor eating habits. It’s certainly not the diet soda making them fat!

Now if you need me, I’ll just be over here improving my metabolism!

Get your quick guide to stripping fat without even trying HERE.

Weight Loss Australia

weight loss australiaSome People Will Be Able to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Just By Reading the Last Paragraphs of this Article

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Small Business Consultants – Perth

Small Business Consultants - Perth

Small Business Consultants Are Far More than Just Business Coaches


Published Perth, Western Australia


When a business owner wants to develop his/her business to a higher level, or wants to turn around a struggling business, someone limited to business coaching is generally not up to this task, because coaching is just one very tiny aspect of what a business consultant (or business analyst) does.


While business coaches typically focus on the mindset, attitudes, beliefs and habits of the owner, a business consultant has the depth and breadth of experience and expertise to understand the business itself, the environment in which the business operates, and every single aspect which either hinders or helps the business in the achievement of the owner’s goals.


Typically a business consultant will have experience and expertise in security, general management, accountancy and financial management, law, human resources (including team building, people management and problem solving), marketing/sales and public relations, finance, manufacturing, analysis, strategy development, and processes and systems (including Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management).


It usually makes sense to employ an external consultant rather than attempt to utilise in-house talent, in order to get the best available advice and support, and also for the simple reason that an outside perspective has unique value, and the adviser needs to be seen as objective and separate from the culture and political environment of the business, if there is to be trust and engagement with the agreed plan.


A Business’s Problems Are NOT Generally Due to the Mindset or Belief Set of the Owner


Occasionally I am called by an owner who believes that his or her difficulties are caused by “lack of belief”, or “self sabotage” or “procrastination”. Of course I’m interested in these things but invariably I find these are not the reasons that the business is failing or struggling.


For example people tend to procrastinate when they know very well that the strategy that want to put in place is not very effective, or is very uncomfortable to use. When people try to do ineffective, unpleasant things, they quickly become disheartened and demoralised and certainly will end up procrastinating.


The problem is not the procrastination, but the lousy strategy which is the cause of it!


When people have fantastic strategies, which are easy and comfortable to use, and which they absolutely know will get a predictable and excellent result, there is generally no more procrastination.


So a lack of success is not generally about self belief, but is about poor strategies or even the absence of any proper strategies at all. If the web site is rubbish, and people perceive a business as unprofessional or out of date with its competitors, it is going to struggle regardless of the owner’s self beliefs.


The Job of the Business Consultant


Consultant Peter Block defines a business consultant as “someone who has influence over an individual, group, or organisation, but who has no direct authority to implement changes.” So why and how does a business consultant exert that influence?


Without trust, there can be no influence, and regardless of how clever or talented the consultant, it would be unlikely that the business owner would act on their advice.


Trust occurs naturally when the business consultant can show a deep understanding of all facets of the business, and can accurately lay out a complete SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, including setting out short, medium and long-term strategies to eliminate or minimise weaknesses, and fulfill the potential of the business.


This will involve strategies which solve problems, as well as strategies which replace ineffective ones in terms of more sales, more productivity, less error, less staff turnover, greater client engagement, etc.


The business consultant is also extremely mindful of the business’s budget and will constantly seek out a course of least resistance, working to get the biggest wins in the shortest possible time, in the easiest and safest way possible.


Invariably there will be “points of leverage” which the consultant will identify that will achieve exactly this, so that in fact the consultant’s expert advice and support is not a financial burden on the business, and is paid for in terms of results achieved right from the beginning of the relationship.


We take pride in paying our way!


The Number One Reason Most Perth Businesses Call on a Consultant for Help


Although there is so much that a consultant can add to any business, the number one reason that the consultant is called in the first place is that the business is struggling or even failing.


It is a shocking fact that over 66% of Australian small businesses fall into that category.


So it probably makes sense to you that most frequently we are called in to consult in order to help the business to increase its revenue (make more sales) as quickly as possible.


While we can certainly do that in most cases, even virtually overnight, it’s not always wise to dive straight into activities which will trigger more sales. If the business is not prepared for a higher level of sales (for any number of reasons) or does not have access to a credit facility to finance extra costs or higher debtor levels, then simply increasing sales could have a disastrous impact.


So it makes sense to do a free analysis first, and make any decisions following that.


First Steps in Working with a Business Consultant in Perth


We call the first step “The Chat”, and this is an enjoyable and informal question and answer session where we shine a light on all aspects of the business which could impact decisions around sales or marketing strategies, including operational aspects. This service has no charge because the purpose is to determine whether or not we have a good fit with the client and can work together.


It’s not unusual to find that operational changes can have as bigger, or bigger impact on the bottom line as can higher sales levels.


Following “The Chat” we provide a written report which is a basic SWOT analysis, together with suggested strategies for moving forward quickly, safely and for maximum impact.


It is of course entirely up to the owner to decide whether or not to engage us, and if so, under what conditions and including what flow of work.


The Cost of Engaging a Business Consultant in Perth


There is a very wide range of fees charged in Perth, generally from $250 per hour to $1800 per hour (plus gst), often with a profit share component (or even an equity component) built into the contract. Typically an amount is required in advance, and the client always tops this up in advance in order to secure the consultant’s service for an extended time.


What we can say is that price is not an indication of quality, and our advice is always to “try before you buy” to ensure that you are happy with the consultant’s grasp of your business, together with the strategies which he/she recommends.


If Business Consulting Is Impossible for the Budget to Bear


Our mission is to have a positive impact on the dire failure rate of small businesses in Perth, and to provide value whether a business can afford our services or not.


To that end we provide “The Chat” at no cost, and we also provide both free and paid online support and training services for small business owners and managers, as well as our full consulting services.


To find out more, simply click on the logo below, or call us today on 0409 689 741. Let’s talk soon!


Turning a business around can be a lot of fun!



See Wikipedia Link:, in particular:

Management Consulting

Systems Analysis

Marketing/Sales Consulting

How to Turn a Business Around in Perth, Western Australia

Turning a Business Around

How to Turn a Perth Business Around – Quickly and Safely


Key points in this article: turning a business around, how to save a business from going under, how to run a business, business advice, grow a business, help – my business is failing, small business plan, small business consultants


Perth businesses have always experienced a high failure rate of close to 98%, but it can be surprising just how easy it is to put in place strategies to turn a business around, and see it fulfill its potential.


Factors Involved in Turning a Business Around


Your Capacity to Service Extra Sales


Typically when I’m asked to help save a struggling or failing business, the major focus is on increasing sales as fast as possible. Even though it’s possible in many cases to turn those sales around almost overnight, it’s frequently not safe to do so without some basic analysis at least! Let me explain.


If a business doesn’t have the infrastructure to manage increased sales, if the systems are not streamlined enough, if the people are not well trained enough, if there simply isn’t currently capacity to service those sales, the business is at severe risk of imploding.


So the first questions you need to consider are around your systems, your infrastructure, and your or your staff’s capacity to service that growth without “stuffing it up”. If you get a mass of new business through the door, and fail to service it properly, all you’d be doing is creating a whole lot of bad will out there in the community, and actually further risking your business’s survival.


If those extra sales also mean that you incur extra expenses, or have to support extra debtors, they could even send you broke or insolvent very quickly. This is not a time when a bank is likely to extend an overdraft.


Your Ability to Run Your Business Differently – Especially in Perth, Where Relationships are Key


One thing is for sure, if you keep doing things the way you are doing them, whether that’s your sales and marketing activities, or your actual operational activities, nothing else will change either. A new and better outcome necessarily demands new and better strategies.


Because frequently people find change so overwhelming or challenging, most competent business consultants usually prefer to set out a blueprint for change where new strategies can be tried one by one in an easy, sensible, doable sequence, and that varies depending upon the person and upon the business itself.


These new strategies can involve cutting costs but this shouldn’t create fear. For example often I find that money being spent on advertising can be slashed to the bone, and yet other marketing activities can be easily put in place which cost very much less and yet deliver so much more.


First Steps in Turning Your Business Around


There is no doubt that the services of an experience small business consultant are required, and that this will include business coaching and support so that you’re not only getting sound business advice, but have hands-on help to run your business to the best of its potential, stop the losses and grow your business very strongly.


The cost of an initial interview is normally free and this makes sense because you should feel that you like and trust the person who’ll be working with you to turn your business around.


In the Integrity Program we call this “The Chat” and it consists of an enjoyable question and answer session which highlights the main challenges, and enables us to put forward a blueprint for progress, describing a very specific business plan or plan of action. In effect we are undertaking a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to get as complete a picture as possible.


From there it’s up to the owner to decide whether or not to engage us, and to what degree.


Our Mission Is Turning Businesses Around and Putting an End to the Failure Rate


Currently the overwhelming majority of small businesses fail within 5 years, with the failure rate kicking in from day 1 in business. With over 66% of small businesses either struggling to break even or operating at a loss, this is a sector not generally awash with money to invest even in their own survival.


Turnaround management, whether done in-house using free resources, or guided by business consultants external to the business, is essential to save the business and experience success.


Our mission is to have a positive impact on business survival rates, whether an individual business can afford us or not.


That’s why we offer such valuable free resources, as well as a very inexpensive monthly mentoring and support group, in addition to our full professional services.


To find out more, click the logo below, or simply telephone us on 0409 689 741 and let’s talk soon.


Turning a business around can be a lot of fun!


See link on Turnaround Management:, in particular:

1. The evaluation and assessment stage

2. The acute needs stage

3. The restructuring stage

4. The stabilization stage

5. The revitalization stage

Business Consultant Perth

Getting Ready to Sell for Maximum Sale Price Or Refining Operations for Increased Profit – A Flexible, Risk-Free Approach for Business Owners



Regardless of whether a business owner still loves the day-to-day operations of their business, almost all would prefer not to work so hard or for such long hours, and almost all would like to be achieving higher profit returns, more easily.


Increasing numbers of owners, particularly in the baby boomer generation, are beginning to think about, or are seriously desirous of, a sale of their business.


However more and more we are actually seeing baby boomers simply close the doors of their business and walk away into retirement because they haven’t been able to develop the business into a saleable asset. Simply put, these owners ARE the business and the business doesn’t exist without them.


In the coming 5-10 years, because of the sheer mass of baby boomers who are business owners and who will choose to retire or be forced into retirement because of health issues, it is predicted that the market will be so over-saturated with businesses for sale that only a small percentage will succeed in a sale. The majority will represent a complete and total loss of a lifetime’s work.


The Integrity Program offers an initial complimentary audit of the operations of the business, aimed at solidly establishing a “course of least resistance” to increasing profits quickly, at the same time offering a blueprint for the business to become independent from the owner, so that a maximum sale price can be achieved if that is the desire of the owner.


A sample operational audit report is available on request, and a much more comprehensive presentation, detailing how we work to increase efficiency and decrease waste, may be viewed in your office.

Our Role


Following delivery of the operational audit report, the business owner is free to execute the blueprint on their own, engage a consultant, or engage us to mentor and/or to execute the plan.


Where we accept a client, we are generally able to assist with the complete systematisation and automation of every aspect of the business, as well as development and execution of comprehensive online and offline marketing plans.


Every business is of course different, but we almost always find that not enough attention has been paid to the values/mission of the business and that therefore there is a disconnect between the business and its stated target market. Almost always there is a massive market that is being missed, or which is being alienated.


Without attention to values/mission, it is not possible to have a set of operational procedures which is congruent, and which delivers the right brand message. This results in disappointed clients who do not feel loyalty to the business and who do not refer and help grow the business. It can also result in litigation when there has been a mismatch in communication in relation to the quality or ambit of the goods/services offered, or the way in which clients are treated.


We almost always find that the marketing materials being used by the business are extremely out of date and no longer deliver an acceptable ROI. Almost no businesses have an effective online strategy for automated lead generation and client acquisition.


Almost no businesses have an effective sales strategy that can reliably and predictably turn enquiries into sales.


In addition we find that because the business owner can only see their business environment from their own perspective, frequently there are jarring issues, both environmental and operational, which seriously threaten relationships with staff and clients.


By systematically examining the entire business scenario, we can put forward a blueprint which builds on the business’s strengths and potential, and which identifies and overcomes flaws and weaknesses, with action steps for both the short and longer-term.



Obviously outcomes depend on the degree of co-operation from the owner and any staff, as well as open access to all information and records held by the business.


When the agreed scope of works is followed, businesses can expect a rapid increase in revenue, along with reduced costs, and a business that is far less stressful for the owner and for staff, and which presents a far more enjoyable experience for its own clients, who want to give repeat business, and who want to refer to others.




Provided the scope of works is agreed by both parties, fees are charged in blocks of 10 hours in advance, at a rate of $275 per hour plus gst. There may be provision for partnership in return for reduced fees where we determine there may be strong mutual benefit from that scenario.

Next Step – How You Can Benefit from a Complimentary Operational Audit


We offer complimentary audits to businesses which could benefit from our service. This audit looks at what capacity the business has to rapidly increase revenue and decrease costs, leaving the owner with more money and less stress.


The following are our criteria for selection:


• Business should be turning over at least $100,000 per annum and be in positive cash flow
• There should be at least 1 full-time employee
• The business must be in profit with all employee entitlements up to date
• The business should not be in a field which is exposed to technological wipeout
• The business owner should be keen to identify areas of potential and to take action


About Christine Sutherland


As the CEO of The Lifeworks Group Pty Ltd, I have a 40-year career history in senior roles across the medical, corporate, local government and military sectors and have provided this type of consultancy service to a very diverse array of businesses (see below).


My LinkedIn profile shows over 500 individual unsolicited endorsements of business expertise.


Some of my areas of expertise are:


• Financial management
• Quality assurance (QA) to audit level (highest level), and Total Quality Management
• Business operational analysis and intervention
• Marketing, online and offline
• The sales process
• Individual and team performance
• Training/coaching/mentoring of individuals and teams


Apart from my clinical research in mental health and the subsequent research papers, some of the business text books which I have written are:


• Take Your Team to the Top – Doubling Revenue in 90 Days
• Easier Prospecting and Lead Generation for Business Owners and Sales Professionals
• NLP in 10 Days


I have been published by McGraw-Hill, and two of my books have also been published by Jarir, the largest Arab language publisher in the world.


Some Past Clients


Linc Consulting
Luke Nass Real Estate
Power Partners
Global Investment Opportunities
DVG Automotive Group
West Australian Housing
APG Homes
Henneberry Property Shop
Academy Office National
Streamnet Digital
Gardeners Direct
Westbelle Real Estate
True North Financial Solutions
International Life and Business Coaching
Sail for Success
Epic WA


I have also consulted to and/or trained hundreds of individual professionals over the years, primarily relating to marketing, the sales process, and performance effectiveness, and I am a speaker/trainer for a variety of business networking groups.


Because of my reputation for systems analysis I was the sole consultant called in by the Special Air Service Regiment (Australian SAS) to improve their training system for our elite soldiers.


When you engage my services you enjoy 40 years’ high-level experience across multiple sectors, with the benefit of completely up-to-date expertise in online and offline marketing and sales, culture and branding, and information technology.


Download the free book “Easier Prospecting and Lead Generation for Business Owners and Sales Professionals” HERE.